Taste Spain

Taste Spain

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and also of the Autonomous Community (Region of Madrid) It is also known as Villa y Corte (City and Court) and it is the biggest and populated city of Spain. Madrid counts with 3,293,601 inhabitants and 6,543,031 inhabitants in the urban area (the whole region) being the third European metropolitan area behind Berlin and Paris.

Our PIC number is 948830624.

We have created this video to let you see what is waiting for you in Madrid!


We offer different training opportunities abroad highly recognised, especially targeted to workers in the field of young people, social workers, trainers, professionals of the culture and public administration field.

Some of the courses are financed by LLP and Youth in Action programme.

Summer courses






We propose some trips by Madrid visiting the main public institutions and places around the city (museums, parks, libraries, organisation of training and business travel)


We offer students accommodation at apartments in a single or a double room shared with other students or other foreign scholars. All accommodations are equipped and they can use both kitchen and bathroom.

If the students will not be longer than a month, they have the opportunity to stay with a host family or at hotels, hostels, etc, according the season and the rates.

All accommodations are at Madrid centre with all facilities very close (supermarkets, hospitals, chemist stores, restaurants, etc) as well as the subway, buses, etc that allow the students to be in the city centre in some minutes. Companies are not always in the city centre or close to the apartment. Madrid is a big city bus we have very fast and efficient transport network.