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Through our team we can achieve the standards of quality and our compromise. Our standards and values are the most complete reference of who we are and the quality of services we give because they are also the ones of our colleagues.

We are at the top among transnational organisations that are in charge of education, employment, and training. We work in the international field since 2007

Our experience in the field of education and training is our guarantee of successful competence of our participants. Every year we are the host organisation for many people that enjoy Madrid to study Spanish courses for foreigners or even because they are enjoying a grant of European mobility (Youth in Action, Leonardo Da Vinci, Erasmus Placement, etc) or because they want to profit a quality and professional training courses.

One of our main goals is to be an information model of training and access of lifelong training opportunities for young and adults. Furthermore, we promote projects and activities in the European field.

We offer our participants:

  • Language Spanish courses
  • Cultural programmes
  • Professional Training
  • Accomodation