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Your Erasmus+ partner in Spain

Erasmus+ will finance the mobility of students, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers, teachers and staff employed in the education sector at different levels.

erasmus+ partner in spain

We are ready to work with your organisation under Erasmus+ and to reinforce our cooperation and the success of your projects.

Rubicon-FabricaCultural is a SME based in Madrid and closely works with NGOs and public goverment bodies. More information


You can choose Rubicon because…

We act as Coordinator-Sending Partner (SE-PA), Intermediary Partner (INT-PA) and Hosting Partner (HO-PA).

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                            partnersThanks to our previous experience in EU Programmes and results achieved, Rubicón is a reliable partner with partners both in the public and private sector. We managed Eurodesk Network in Spain, we belong to Team Europa network dependant on the EU Commission and we created “FabricaCultural” portal, with more than 35.000 users. We have also trained more than 650 students in cooperation with public universities and the support of European Social Fund.

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What are the services and the support offered?

Traineeships, training events, courses, monitoring and tutorship activities…

erasmus+ partner in spain

We organize internships in several areas: Art galleries, Museums, Human Resources, Public Relations, Travel&Tourism, Marketing&Communication, Languages, Financial Services, Architecture, Education&Trainning, Chihldcare&Health services, Heritage&Cultural Management, Helpdesk and Retail&Sales.We rigorously evaluate the experience and skills acquiainted by issuing certificates.

We also act as hosting organisation for KA2 and course hosting organisation, organising meetings, courses, visits, round tables discussions in a wide range of subjects: analysing and comparison between the different European educational systems, schools´management, international cooperation among schools, study and innovative methodologies and SME adaptation to the European market.

We are also available to participate with Youth Exchanges and EVS.

We provide a full range of services: organisation, welcoming and socialisation activities, airport transfers, accommodation, Spanish language courses (general, business sectorial), local transport, monitoring activities and so on.

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